Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Thing 3

Alright, I'm doing this just to keep things straight. But so far,

I LOVE RSS and Google Reader! I just need a little more time to search for subscriptions. :)

Thing 2

I realize I am "catching up" with 23 things on a stick and with Library 2.0 When I was in library school, the internet was a black screen, and at the C prompt, we typed in "Internet." Wow. How far the world has come. While I do know a bit about many of the things going on out there, most of what was discussed on the video was foreign to me. Apparently, research will be needed!

I love the idea of browsing for a book online. I also can appreciate IMs, and many other things. Many of which I have never used. But, I believe, with tools like this, us 'old' librarians can keep up without too much problem. I'm amazed what teens and even children know that I don't. And I think that may be where our "sources" lie. Lets move on with it--create online lists, messages to the reference desk about problems and keep up. I know I've heard for decades that "the Internet will take over your job." However, if we keep up, I believe we'll still be a resource for people and even a respite from the online and computer worlds.

OK, it was more than two cents. But those are my thoughts on all of this so far. I can't wait to continue!


OK, I haven't been focusing much on this. Fortunately, I read the directions! I'm having a bit of trouble finding the time and the internet speeds I want to do all the 23 things. I'll start trying to catch up soon!